3. Licensing

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After installing the DeepL MT Provider for Passolo, it runs as a trial license. The trial period is 5 days, during which you can test the software. In this time period, the connectivity function to the DeepL machine translation server is available but the connector is randomly exchanging words in the text strings that are sent to the DeepL server. Sentences like:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs.

might be sent to the DeepL server as

The quick brown lorum jumps over the lazy dogs.

This enables you to test whether the connector functionality fits your requirements. After you purchase and activate a license for the DeepL MT Provider for Passolo, no word substitutions will occur anymore and your original text strings will be sent to the DeepL server.

In the License tab, you will find version and copyright information as well as information about the license. When running as a trial license, information on how long it will work is displayed. Using the links you can call various functions.

The Product Website will open a browser window showing the product website with information. You can purchase a license using the eCommerce solution from the product website.

Clicking on Product Activation will start the internal activation component. You need an internet connection to process the product activation.

After finalizing the purchase and paying for the license, you will receive an email that contains the License Key. Insert the License Key, then click on Install to activate the license. The License Key will be sent to the Traloctec authentication server and when verified it will activate the license and store the license file on your system. Please note that the system will need an active internet connection to authenticate the license.

Uninstall License will allow you to deactivate this license on the current computer so that you can reactivate it with the same License Key on a different computer.

Support Portal will open a browser window showing the support website where you can report any issue with the software.

Online Help will open a browser window showing the online help for the software.

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