6. Operation

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To get machine translation proposals or translate a complete translation lists the DeepL MT Provider for Passolo must be activated. To use it in pre-translation processes, call the Options dialog in SDL Passolo and open the Pre-Translation page.

Activate the option allow automatic translation. This will enable Passolo to use machine translation connectors while pre-translation lists or entries.

Then call the Options dialog in SDL Passolo and open the Fuzzy Matching page.

Activate the DeepL Pro MT Provider in the Translation Add-In node.

Please note that any communication problems with the DeepL Server may result into deactivating the DeepL Pro MT Provider in this list. After fixing any connection issues, go back to this Options page and again reactivate DeepL Pro MT Provider.


When all the settings are inserted correctly as described above the DeepL Pro MT Provider behaves like any other translation provider in Passolo. Clicking on the Pre-Translate button in the Home ribbon will start the pre-translation from all activated sources and finally may insert machine translated text strings into the translation list.

Interactive Translation

When interactively translating in the Passolo translation list, i.e. with the Translation Assistant, matches will be displayed in the Translation register of the Output dialog.

You can take over the matches or machine translation proposals with the function keys (CTRL+1 … CTRL+3) or by double-clicking the entry that you would like to take over.

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